The Waterman Type "C" upstream level control gate automatically maintains a constant water level on the upstream side of the gate section.

     Operates without any outside power or motor
     Free of any manual intervention
     Irrespective of the volume of incoming flow
     Independent of the downstream level

On drainage canals, the Waterman Type "C" automatic gate controls the water table at the desired elevation: closed during dry weather to prevent abnormal lowering of the ground water, it starts to open just as soon as there is any inflow of water to the system.

On recreation lakes, the Waterman Type "C" automatic level gate maintains a pleasantly constant water level in all seasons.

On flood control or water supply reservoirs, the Type "C" level control gate permits a large increase in storage volume without sacrificing spillway capacity or reliability.

On wastewater treatment plants, the Type "C" level control gate acts to provide a constant level to the clarifier effluent trough, preventing odor stripping.

On irrigation canals, the Type "C" automatic level control gate maintains a high and constant head on turnouts, irrespective of flow in the canal or through the turnouts. Used in series along the distribution network, at different check structures, Type "C" gates insure an automatic, safe, reliable, and flexible irrigation program, at sharply reduced labor costs.





           "Type C" Upstream Level Control
             Gates Typical Specifications


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