WATERMAN INDUSTRIES OF EGYPT product line covers several types of water control gates and valves in standard sizes for use in potable water, irrigation canals and wastewater treatment plants. With our expertise to manufacture large gates, we have successfully built gates up to 8 meters wide and up to 6.5 meters high to control water in large pumping stations and barrages. Waterman Industries of Egypt manufactures a complete line of fabricated gates including slide gates, sluice gates, roller gates, radial gates, automatic level control gates, weir gates, flap gates and shear gates, stop logs, and valves.


Waterman Industries of Egypt will start  to supply  their clients with the well known "Waterman Heavy Duty Sluice Gates". Waterman designs for sluice gates will offer the best quality at competitive prices.                                                                               more

Square Sluice gate Round Sluice gate

Rectangular Sluice

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